Each pack of 8 postcards contains: 

1 x Fairbairn Steam Crane on fuchsia
1 x SS Great Britain on blue
1 x Clevedon Pier on jade
1 x Purdown Tower on orange
1 x The Matthew on green
1 x Lead Shot Tower on lilac
1 x Beacon Tower on red/grey
1 x Park Street on yellow


All taken from original drawings by Lisa Malyon


I usually have stock but if not I will keep you informed


NB: If I am short of stock of one design but have a replacement in the same colourway I may send this instead (but I won't double-up, you will receive the full 8 designs)


You can see larger versions of the postcards images under the print section of my shop

Set of 8 Bristol-themed postcards

  • Each postcard is the usual size; 15cm x 10.5cm with postcard markings on the back and an outline where the stamp goes