I discovered my love of architecture upon moving to Bristol in 2000. Working at the Architecture Centre exposed me to the city’s diverse buildings and I began sketching in a book. Progressing to A4 drawings and then framing them I held my first exhibition in the Bocabar in Bristol’s Paintworks in the early 2000s.

Whilst looking at ways to make my artwork unique, I chanced upon collage. Most artists know the daunting prospect of facing a white page and I found that gluing Chinese Joss Paper or newsprint on the page before drawing helped solve the empty page dilemma for me.

It was by accident that I stumbled across my practice of drawing onto lamp shades. After attending a lampshade-making workshop at Bristol Folk House I replaced a dirty cream, lamp shade with my new design and was considering what to do with the old shade. One day I picked up an archival pen and started drawing buildings onto it and when illuminated found my drawings added interest to an otherwise nondescript shade. Giving the present to a relative was met with a welcome response and that has since led to numerous private commissions as each lamp shade is unique.