About Lisa

Meet Lisa

A move to Bristol in 2000 reignited Lisa's artistic leanings. 

Despite a Degree in Woven Textile Design it is the buildings, structures and landmarks n Bristol that proved inspirational to Lisa. Working as a Saturday Assistant at the Architecture Centre (now Design West) exposed Lisa to the architecture in the city

Whilst working at the Architecture Centre Lisa built up a body of work in sketchbook and that soon translated to larger artworks and her first exhibition at Paintworks

 Not forgetting her textile background, however, Lisa introduced a collage element in her drawings.   Chinese Joss Paper was purchased in bulk during Lisa's art college days and this is now an integral part of her art 

LMD drawing (1).jpg

Commissions Taken

Lisa is always open to new opportunities, commissions and collaborations be they private or public so if you have an idea, get in touch